NYPANET is a proud team of expert technicians committed to one thing and one thing only: repairing and managing your needs efficiently and rapidly when it comes to printers and copiers. Any time you see the NYPANET brand we want you to see quality, expertise and speed.

Our name stems from the term “HandyMan” because those are the people who can always be around when something goes wrong. I mean we all have a HandyMan in our families who just magically know how to take care of things when they go haywire. Our story begins in Pennsylvania where our company’s founder Al Guzzo (a HandyMan in his prime) fueled by his love for printing software and repair decided to manage printers for a local company. Inspired by the amount of work and time he was saving employers by taking care of their printer needs, he secured his first big client where he managed their entire facility’s printers and copiers. The first NYPANET Technician Al Guzzo still manages that facility today.

Today, through our head-quarters in Stroudsburg, PA combined with our technicians based all over the nation, NYPANET continues to cater to what Al called the “Busy and determined spirit” of our clients. Our assortment of knowledge and brands that we can work with is what makes us unique and official, making each NYPANET technician an individual with a knack for printer management and repair.

Perhaps what best defines a NYPANET technician is his/her ability to operate in all areas equally and admirably: From East to West, from residential office to large corporate setting. NYPANET is an all American company constantly changing to adapt to the new technological advances in printer technology from around the world. Certified and ready NYPANET technician would love to work with you!


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